I decided my first blog should be to try and explain what drove me to become a personal stylist, what the job entails and the difference I aim to make.

I’ve always had a passion for fashion and am in constant awe of people who keep on trend and seem to effortlessly look fantastic all of the time. Shopping is a source of real joy for me, I love scouring stores, both online and in person and I am always the person that friends take shopping with them.

Drawing on my own experiences has proved an invaluable way in which to help clients as a personal stylist. There have been times in my life when I lost my way in my own personal style such as after having kids, dealing with body shape changes and equally, at the times when I’ve moved from one country to another, wondering if I should dress like everyone else, just to fit in and how to negotiate the unfamiliar shops and online stores.


On starting out, I wanted to create a business that’s non-threatening and fully accessible to everyone, aimed at those perhaps too scared to experiment, wear colour or move out of their comfort zone and buy that item they’d not normally wear alongside those who may just need a boost or to elevate their wardrobes.  I wanted to give people confidence and demonstrate how by wearing the right clothes and colours, they can flatter their body shape and colouring.  Simple changes and knowing what to look out for can make shopping faster, easier and for those usually wary, more fun!

I believe wearing colour is the easiest and quickest change you can make to elevate your look.

Having trained with Jules Standish on colour, I love showing clients what their ‘wow’ colours are – those that can make you look younger, soften your face, reduce dark circles and lines and make you glow.  Everyone should push themselves to wearing more colour and be brave with it.  Just a bright lip or earring is an easy start.

Showing clients real results is such a pleasure.  

By purchasing only a few key items, it’s possible to create a capsule wardrobe where your clothes all work together and are interchangeable, making it all much more cohesive and manageable.  Adding small updates per season is easy and affordable to do and an effective way of keeping on trend whilst not necessarily ‘starting again’ or spending a fortune.  Being able to make a real difference as a personal stylist is amazing, starting off with a new client’s ‘Wardrobe Edit’ is so much fun, showing them how to use their existing clothes in so many different ways.  I can guarantee everyone is always amazed at just how many new looks they can create without buying anything new!

My ultimate aim is to create confidence and ensure when leaving my clients, that they have been educated to truly believe that they are able to shop better and seek and find the right clothes without me. 

By getting to know my clients personally, I work towards really understanding their needs so that when they buy an item, it’s because they love it and not in order to please me!  Fashion is accessible to everyone by way of anything from a cool accessory to a full-on head-to-toe, on trend outfit.  It can be the smallest details that make the difference, the accents, thinking a look through in its entirety, cohesively.  

I endeavour to explain to clients that random buying because you like it on the hanger doesn’t lead to a successful end and that overall, buying should be more measured and thoughtful.  Engendering confidence is absolutely key as a personal stylist because ultimately, if you feel gorgeous, you look gorgeous and by default you ARE gorgeous!

Angela x