I went on a speed shop with Angela to help fill the gaps in my wardrobe. In one word FANTASTIC! 

My budget was for the high street and I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t find what I needed. Not the case with Angela in charge!

We picked out clothes together with Angela steering me away from my usual safe choices. Then the dreaded changing room but I shouldn’t have worried. Angela made me feel confident and excited.

Her enthusiasm is so infectious. Thanks so much Angela.


I did a wardrobe edit with Angela and to be honest I was pretty terrified. For too long I’ve been living in comfy clothes and had gained weight but I needed a change.

Angela started off gently with my colours and body shape ensuring I felt completely comfortable. In fact not just comfortable, she made it such an enjoyable positive experience.

From my existing wardrobe she put together around 20 outfits!!! I didn’t know I had that much stuff. Clothes I didn’t think would work and items I had forgotten about were front and centre in my wardrobe now. Black and greys were moved aside for some much-needed colour.

Angela’s enthusiasm and positivity shined through the whole process and I highly recommend her. Thanks Angela


I highly recommend a shopping day with Angela.  

I usually dread shopping and can’t find anything.  Angela made it easy and fun to shop. She got me out of my comfort zone and had me try on things I normally wouldn’t. We added some fun pieces and some basics I needed. I’m very happy with the new purchases.  Can’t wait to go again.


I had the pleasure of working with Angela to edit and style my current wardrobe. I have lots of great pieces but really had no idea how to put them together or accessorize them. 

Angela has a keen eye for combining colors and patterns to create cohesive, stylish combinations. I was thrilled to see some of my favorite pieces come to life with a few accessories and more edgy shoes choices. She also created a detailed list of items I should add to my wardrobe that would help to achieve my goal of creating easy yet stylish outfits. 

Angela encouraged me to be more adventuresome with fashion.