About Angela

About Angela

Where It All Began

I have always loved fashion from when I was a little girl making clothes with my mum sewing and knitting together, playing around with fashion and using it to express who I am. My teenage years were full of experimenting, from the goth look to copying Ally McBeal when I got my first office job wearing tight suits and neck scarves. I have made mistakes and learnt a lot along the way but haven’t we all?

Having lived around the world, London, Hong Kong and now Amsterdam, fashion has always influenced my life and I am lucky enough to have experienced so many different cultures and styles in these cities.  One of my treasured memories is hauling cases of dresses, suits, skirts and tops into China to get them copied in as many different fabrics as I could get hold of.  Most of them looked terrible but it was so much fun experimenting along the way.  

I finally took the plunge and qualified as a Personal Stylist with the much-acclaimed London College of Style in 2019.  It was a lightbulb moment for me, I realized I could finally turn my passion into a business.  It was just a natural step and one that has come to me easily because I literally live in the pages of Grazia and Vogue.

My Personal Style

My personal style has changed so much since I had children, I am a proud mum of two fun and active boys.

Looking back I can see that I lost my way in terms of fashion when I was a young mum. Having just moved country again, I was caught up in caring for them, putting myself last and feeling lost.

I had low self-esteem and felt unattractive, my body shape had changed, ‘what is the point of making an effort when all I do is go to baby classes and run around and get mucky!’  I lived in comfort clothes and things that would hide my figure.

I recognize this is a huge issue for so many of my clients, and I know that by overcoming this myself and learning to love and value myself and clothes again that I can help others who are experiencing the same negative feelings.

My Mission

I have now settled as an expat with my family in The Netherlands, a country I love for so many reasons. 

My children are growing up and I have time and space to finally develop a new career having left mine behind in the UK many years ago. 

I know how hard it is moving to a new country and not knowing where to shop, feeling uninspired and missing the familiarity of home. 

I have worked hard on myself to align something I am passionate about with my business.  It has been perfect timing and the time is now right for me to help others who are struggling to find their fashion spirit again.   

My Business

Styling by Angela is a business that embraces the journey I have been on. I hope to bring women out of their style comfort zones, push them gently to really elevate their wardrobes and show them that with some help and thought they too can have a wardrobe that makes them feel confident and excited to get dressed in the morning.

The difference in dressing well for your body shape and lifestyle can have a massively positive effect on people, that’s why I love what I do and seeing the joy it brings to my clients is so rewarding.

Personal Styling shouldn’t be intimidating, everyone can do with a little extra help sometimes, I hope reading this or looking at my Social Media encourages you to experiment a little more with fashion, to not be scared and to not care what people think. 

After all, fashion is a way of expressing who we are, and why would we want to hide that?

Angela x